11 Sep: The Most Powerful Price Action Entry Combos

Two of the most popular forms of technical trading are using indicators and price action trading. When using indicators, traders are generally looking to execute a trade based on an indicator signal. For example, if MACD turns bearish, traders will execute a sell trade. Or, if the RSI indicator is oversold, traders will execute a buy trade.

20 Sep: Basics of Forex Trading

Forex trading for beginners can be especially tough. This is mostly due to unrealistic expectations that are common among newcomers. What you need to know is that currency trading is by no means a get-rich-quick scheme. On this page, you will receive an introduction to the Forex market, how it works, and key terminology, along with the benefits of trading different currencies.

10 Sep: Is CFD Trading Safe?

Let’s put it this way: Trading with CFDs can be safe. However, for a lot of people, the appeal is precisely the risks associated with it. Maybe skiing would be a good analogy.